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A Bug or Not a Bug, That is the Question.

Bug Report

It may seem uncaring but
Don't be a Pain!
Make sure it's our problem
Before You Complain!

Bug Report
Bug Report

Fill-In This Form if
The problem's too tough!
But First Read Your ReadMe,
Your Manual and Stuff.

Bug Report
Bug Report

We can't solve your problems with
Windows and DOS.
For teaching and training,
Please don't Bug us.

Bug Report
Bug Report

But if you've found a Bug
And the body's still warm!
To help us to find it...
Please fill in this form.

Bug Report
By Using This Form You Agree to Abide by the Terms and Conditions listed on This Form. Please allow a full day (24 hours) after submitting for an acknowledgement of your request. If you have discussed this problem in public, or with any third parties, you may be refused support.

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Limitation of Warranty and Liability
Caveat Emptor.

By Using This Form You Agree to Abide by The Following Terms and Conditions:

If the problem that you are reporting is minor or does not affect the general usefulness of the software, or if you are asking for enhancements (additional features), you may be asked to wait until next version (if any).

Please set your expectations realistically. Registered users are more likely to get their problems fixed. Users who are not registered may not receive any response at all.

FreeWare and Unregistered ShareWare Disclaimer
Caveat Beggar.

Freeware programs or Unregistered Shareware programs are *NOT* supported or guaranteed in any way.

The Author (Bill Buckels) and his agents are not responsible in any way whatsoever for any damages, real or imaginary, that Freeware or Unregistered Shareware programs may inflict upon you or your computer. Since these programs are not guaranteed in any way, if you don't agree with this, remove these programs and all related files from your computer.

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