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The Mostly MS-DOS Software Museum
Mostly by Bill Buckels


This Website is a repository of Software written primarily by Me (Bill Buckels) spanning the last couple of decades. Most of this Software can be used freely (even the Copyrighted software). The majority of the programs on this website were orginally distributed as Shareware or Freeware for MS-DOS or WIN16 and come with source code (or will as time goes on). It is a work in progress.

A fair number of these programs were targeted at the Children's Educational Software Market. When they were written I (like many other shareware authors) hoped that the world at large would think them perfectly wonderful and large bags of money would appear in my mailbox. Alas the latter never occurred, but still thinking that somewhere on this planet someone will still think them wonderful, and for whatever other self-agrandizing reasons I may have, they are offered here for your continuing enjoyment. Please feel free to download whatever strikes your fancy without fear of reprisal. Those days have long-ago vanished leaving whatever fun can still be had behind.

Despite the fact that direct MS-DOS support by modern operating systems has vanished, emulators like DOSBox and others still allow even the oldest of these to run on new computers, even on Linux systems and the like. I am a big fan of DOSBox and again as time permits I will be repackaging the MS-DOS programs that need special care and feeding with a DOSBox configuration of sorts for Windows XP which although now also officially dead is still presently (2008) in wide use.

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